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The National Retail THEFTSTOP Initiative.
Sell to Profit
The NRTI video collection

Crime Prevention Videos and Training Manuals on Theft, Robbery and Violence Prevention for Retailers.

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"The Best Retail Selling Skills Video you have ever seen - Guaranteed!"
Launched in January 1998 - it has had a fantastic response with 280 major name retailers now using it.

6,800 Retail Companies and EVERY Police Force in the UK have purchased and are continuing to use our National Theftstop Initiative Videos since they were launched in 1995. A total of over 29,500 Video Based Training Packs have been distributed. These video training packs have had a major impact in reducing UK retail losses.

All our videos can be tailored for individual corporate consumption. This includes logo replacment, replacing presenter "On Blue" background shots and adding and replacing scenes more relevant to your organisation.

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