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Our Values

Values and Strategy

We believe in effectively co-coordinated and output focused Business Planning, Operational, Financial, Sales , Marketing, Human Resource, and Training & Development strategies. This will ensure that the direction and resource planning and control elements of a company are effectively and efficiently balanced to meet the short and long term needs and goals of the business. Linking any business development or training and development initiative to the goals of a business and the personal goals of its people, we see as essential for the success of any project.

Top Team Motivation and Commitment

We have seen that the only Human Resource, Organisational Development, Change Management and Sales Development strategies that are effective long term, stem from the top team of an organisation and the individual and collective spiritual, verbal & physical commitment of the 'top team' to them. All initiatives undertaken without this 110% 'Top team' support become short term " F lavours of the month" which may erode staff motivation and damage management credibility. Compass Vision Ltd will guide and counsel the decision makers to ensure this is avoided.

Willing Participation in Change

We know that many Management Development and Sales Development initiatives fail to realise their potential because 95% of peoples' behaviour is habitual and based on past conditioning, experience, attitudes, emotional baggage and personal beliefs, values and standards ; and that if the pain of any change is greater than the benefits to be gained from that change, people will quickly revert to their old patterns of behaviour. We seek to identify credible W.I.I.F.M.'s & personal motives for employees to "Buy in to" in so that they voluntarily participate in any initiative we are commissioned to undertake. We also seek to measure post-course knowledge retention and use at every opportunity.

Planned Skill Transfer

We identify that the ultimate criteria for successful, Training and Development activity is based on " L ittle and often" skill and knowledge transfer and planned experience inputs. These should ideally be "on and off" the job and led by employees' own line managers and competent colleagues. We promote the principle that managers are team leaders and individual coaches to their staff. Their role is to target and stretch their teams to achieve while developing, supporting, encouraging and empowering them: Ultimately to make individuals self driven and self accountable for their own performance. We believe in the use of Blended learning solutions including E learning, the use of accelerated learning techniques and experiential learning methods.

Client Consultancy Relationship

We value long term relationships with clients and therefore as a pre-requisite to any activity undertaken, endeavour to get to know sufficient relevant organisational background to the intervention: Vision, Values, Products, Services , Processes, Procedures and People . We will consult with you, step by step with the Business, Sales or Management Development projects you commission us to undertake.

Project Aftercare

Compass Vision Ltd are committed to following up, evaluating and supporting the projects we are involved with to ensure that the original objectives and benefits that were agreed and set out are being fully realised. We seek to build follow up workshops and knowledge and skill testing and assessment opportunities as part of our commitment to making a long term impact with what we have been commissioned to undertake.



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