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Total Quality Management - Project CAT Decision Making, Problem Solving and Meeting Skills for Team Leaders

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9. Total Quality Management - Project CAT Decision Making, Problem Solving and Meeting Skills for Team Leaders (2 DayS)


  • All Steering Committee members.
  • All prospective Project Customer Action Team leaders.
  • All management within an organisation that is moving towards Total Quality Management


  • To ensure participants fully understand the part a Project Customer Action Team programme can play within a Total Quality initiative especially in Business Process Re-engineering.
  • To equip Project Customer Action Team participants with the group decision making and problem solving techniques necessary to help them approach projects and problems in an effective and disciplined manner.
  • To provide participants with the meeting skills and communication tools necessary to set up and lead a Customer Action Team.


The course contains the following techniques which will be demonstrated in an interactive mode with case studies and participant involvement:-

    • How a Project CAT programme works.
    • The role of a CAT and the problem solving improvement seeking process that follows.
    • Where CATs fit in with a Quality Improvement initiative.
    • The most common challenges a CAT Project team leader will face and how to counter them.
    • Belbin team role analysis for CAT team members.
    • CAT decision making, improvement seeking and problem solving techniques.
    • Brainstorming.
    • Paired comparisons.
    • Weighted criteria matrices.
    • Data gathering.
    • Pareto analysis (80 20 rule).
    • Cause and effect analysis.
    • Cause and effect process analysis.
    • The process flow chart.
    • Critical path analysis.
    • Force field analysis.
    • String diagrams.
    • Implementation planning charts.
    • Meetings: Meeting objectives.
    • Pre-meeting preparation.
    • The skills of Chairmanship.
    • Group involvement techniques.
    • Film case study.
    • Harnessing the team to its project goal.
    • Recognising the team members' individual skills and motivation.
    • Four case studies for team work.
    • Meeting members' duties.
    • How a Project CAT should state and present its case.
    • A report format for a CAT proposal.


This course will equip participants with the internationally recognised TQM problem solving and improvement seeking framework tools and skills necessary to successfully run a CAT or Project team.

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