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Total Quality Management - Steering Committee, Review and Planning Workshop

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6. Total Quality Management - Steering Committee, Review and Planning Workshop (1 Day)


The key decision makers and appointees to a Steering Committee who will drive and guide a Total Quality Management culture change campaign within their organisation.


  • To create an understanding of the roles, tasks and responsibilities of a Steering Committee and its members.
  • To review the progress your organisation's quality initiative has made to date.
  • To consult and propose an action plan for progressing and widening the programmes scope.


  • The role of the Steering Committee.
  • Who should be on the Steering Committee at the beginning and at maturity.
  • How should a Steering Committee operate in terms of its meeting timing, locations, procedures and agenda.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Steering Committee?
  • Options available to grow and support a TQM programme.
  • Implications of Error-Free Work (EFW), measure by Cost of Quality (COQ) and Manage by
  • Prevention (MBP).
  • How to direct and control a TQM programme.
  • Measuring the Cost of Quality.
  • Project Customer Action Teams and how they work.
  • Approving Customer Action Team's findings and recommendations.
  • Finance implications and solution approval avenues for CAT proposals.
  • Further CAT Project team Training and Development activities.
  • Organisation and communication of CAT Project team activities.
  • The formulation of an organisation's quality and TQM policy, CAT Project operating policy, and the expected training and development input to a TQM programme.
  • Dealing with quality culture inhibiting policies and procedures which have been uncovered.
  • Potential barriers to your organisation achieving a permanent Quality Improvement Management Style and Culture change.
  • Issues outlined in a TQM initiative in a SWOT audit report.
  • Potential CAT Project team subjects and areas to tackle.


The benefits of having a TQM Steering Committee Kick is to give the committee a self-sustaining goal and structure to continue its work in progressing the TQM campaign.


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