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How to Conduct 6 types of Organisation, Management and Human Resource Development Audit

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4. How to Conduct 6 types of Organisation, Management and Human Resource Development Audit (2 Days)


Personnel, Training and Senior Line Management Professionals who have identified the need to Audit Managerial and Technical Skill Base, Organisational Structure, Climate and Culture, Management Style and Employee Attitudes, Behaviour and Actions.


As a result of the workshop, participants will:-

    • Be able to define 6 objectives for conducting an Audit.
    • Know the implementation steps required to effectively prepare, conduct and action an Audit.
    • Identify 6 types of Audit methods and their advantages and disadvantages.
    • Be able to generate relevant Audit formats and questions both in Qualitative and Quantitative terms.
    • Know how to go about collating and inputting the information gained from the Audits. Manual and computer package formats will be discussed.


The workshop will allow cross-fertilisation of existing Human Resource Audit experience, analysis of real Audit case studies, Audit methods, questionnaire design, resulting reports and follow-up action recommendations.

Pre-course preparation will be required for use on the course in the form of example questions and Audit formats of which participants have had experience, and also some pre-course reading.


  • What is an Audit.
  • Why and when to conduct an Audit (different aims and objectives, both personal and organisational).
  • What kind of Audits are available.
  • Training Needs Analysis; Organisational and Management; Staff Attitude; Communication; Total
  • Quality Management and Customer Service.
  • What do Audits cost? (Direct and hidden costs).
  • The implementation steps involved in an Audit.
  • Methods of Auditing and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • How to link Auditing methods.
  • The Compass Vision business and Human Resource Continuum approach for Auditing an organisation.
  • The elements of good questionnaire design (themes and styles) for both Qualitative and Quantitative examples.
  • Creating your own Questionnaire.
  • Sample questions to get you started.
  • Evaluating and presenting your questionnaire findings.
  • Real life Audit case studies.
  • An introduction to personal communication Audit skills.
  • An ideal organisation and Human Resource strategy for change.


Organisations audit their cash, capital investment and stock; but how often do they audit how well they are being used or the health of their Human Resource in terms of what people do, how well they do it, how well they are equipped to do it, how motivated and self-directing they are, and how much of what they really do is in line with the goals of their organisation.

This course provides the wherewithal to go about determining where to apply your organisation's precious resources i.e. money, time, expertise and people, by allowing you to identify and analyse the factors which make up your Organisation, Business and Human Resource strategies for change, survival and growth.


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