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Methods of Payment, their Point of Sale Acceptance and Security

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38. Methods of Payment, their Point of Sale Acceptance and Security ( 1 day )


All Shop Management, Staff and Security Personnel with responsibility for preventing fraud by accepting genuine payment for their goods or services.


  • To reduce shop loss due to fraudulently presented payment methods.
  • To equip delegates with the knowledge and necessary skills to security check all common methods of payment with which they will be faced.
  • To give Standard Operating Procedures for dealing with fraudulently presented methods of payment.
  • To provide a Training and Till Point reference resource for staff to use when involved in accepting payment.


Delegates will be physically presented with all manner of payment methods and expected to deal with them by using the recognised and valid security checks sensitively and skilfully. Customer, sales assistant and observer role play situations will be used at a cash point to bring home these learning points.
Group and individual exercises and discussions will take place to analyse both role plays and certain fraud situations.
All delegates will be coached on the key acceptance procedures.
NB The procedures and practices that will be coached on have been drawn on from a unique reference resource put together by the tutor, David Boot, with the co-operation, help and approval of over 21 banking and retail organisations. The procedures have been taken straight out of the issuers staff training manuals supplied for each of the methods of payment covered.


  • Background to fraud in the UK and the retail industry today
  • Taking cash payment securely
  • How to accept genuine foreign currency
  • Security procedures for personal cheque acceptance
  • How to deal with business cheques, building society cheques, giro cheques and giro transfers
  • Eurocheque acceptance and security procedures
  • Thomas Cook, Visa and American Express security checks and acceptance procedures
  • Common cheque and card fraudster tricks
  • Card signature or security strip tricks to watch for
  • Suspicious body language of fraudsters to watch for
  • Processing credit cards including Mastercard, Visa and Style
  • Chargecard security and acceptance procedures including American Express and Diners Club
  • Debit card acceptance and security - Switch and Visa Delta
  • How to deal with fraudulently presently payment
  • Suspect cheque card 24-hour bank help lines
  • Your company card and cheque authorisation numbers and limits


With an estimated £600 million being lost by the Banking, Hotel, Restaurant and Retail industry due to fraudulently presented cash, cheque and plastic card payment methods, a real threat exists to your organisation. This course will equip delegates with the know-how and confidence to deal quickly, confidently and securely with the vast majority of payment types presented to them and their staff. The aim of this course is to help prevent fraud loss and theft due to this key area of activity in your organisation. Two point of sale methods of payment booklets (one in colour) will also be given to each delegate as quick reference resources to be used in everyday use, and also for training purposes.

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