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"Stop Violence" Video based Training

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37. "Stop Violence" Video based Training ( 1 day )


The "Stop Violence" video-based Training Pack is designed to be the UK national resource to educate and train retail management and front-line staff how to reduce the risk of robbery, theft and hence violence occurring to them while going about their normal every-day work.
It is designed to help those who work in small to medium sized retail outlets throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a group which represents 95% of British retail outlets.
Stop Violence is also for use by: Security guards, Store detectives, Security training specialists, Police Crime Prevention and Community Safety Officers.

"Stop Violence" is endorsed by the Home Office, Police, and the BRC.


  • To educate store management on the preventative measures and procedures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of theft and robbery, and hence violence.
  • To equip managers and staff with key safe working practices and procedures to help them recognise, avoid and deal with every day workplace situations that put them at risk.


  • "Designing out" theft in your shop.
    • Windows.
    • Lighting.
    • Shop Layout.
    • Till Points.
    • Rear Shop Areas.
    • Surrounding Areas.
    • Colour Schemes.
    • Stock.
  • Using Security Products
    • CCTV.
    • Counterfeit Money Detectors.
    • Till Counter Caches Cash Management Systems.
    • Time Delay Safes.
    • Pneumatic Cash Transfer.
    • Till Point Screens.
    • Till Guards.
    • Electronic Entry Systems.
    • Personal Attack Alarms.
    • Silent Alarms.
    • Mirrors.
    • Signage.
    • Cash To Bank Security.
    • Retail Radio Links.
    • Man Guarding.
    • Electronic Security Tagging.
  • Safe Operating Procedures
    • Shopfloor Cash Control.
    • Cash To Bank Procedures.
    • Cash Office Security.
    • Opening And Closing.
    • Emergency Call Outs.
    • Goods Receiving Entrances.
    • Visitor Control.
    • Staff Cover.


Delegates will leave the course with a copy of the "Stop Violence" video based training pack which is endorsed by the Police , Home Office , BRC etc. They will have a comprehensive understanding of how to avoid becoming a target for theft and robbery. This will include best practice advice to marginalise the risk of danger in every day situations that they could be at risk from.

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