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Selling Skills and How to Transfer Them to Front Line Staff using "Sell To Profit" video

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32. Selling Skills and How to Transfer Them to Front Line Staff using "Sell To Profit" video ( 2 TO 3 days )


Area Managers, Shop Managers, Assistant Managers, Department Managers and Supervisors with accountability for both Selling and Training their staff on how to sell effectively and profitably.


  • To increase the average customer spend, sales conversion rate, and average number of items sold per transaction by staff within your shops.
  • For course delegates to become effective sales people in their own right.
  • To provide course delegates with the Selling skills training processes, options - how to put them across, and a Selling skills training pack to enable them to train on their own staff.
  • To equip course delegates with the coaching skills necessary to transfer the knowledge, skill and experience contained within the Selling skills training pack.


The programme is highly participative using "Sell to Profit" video based case studies, true to life role plays (with sales assistant, customer and observer roles), practical exercises and structured discussions in small groups.
The skills of Selling that will be Instructed, Coached and Counselled on will start in the training room situation and progress to a shop floor environment, where merchandise with which course delegates are familiar is used. The course should ideally be held 50% within a training facility and 50% in a shop. The course is designed for the maximum planned experience and involvement of delegates.


  • Part A - Selling
    • Why Selling builds on customer service skills for sales advisers
    • Seven golden rules for effective Salesmanship
    • The 7-stage cycle a successful Sale will follow
    • Visual and Verbal Handshakes
    • How to Approaching customers to identify needs
    • Product Knowledge and how to Features and Benefits to Present merchandise
    • Fitting room service
    • Customer Concerns and how to handle them
    • Closing the Sale
    • Add-on Selling
    • Completing a Customers sales experience
    • Extensive Role Plays on each of the 7 modules on the shop floor for the second day of the course.
  • Part B - Your "Sell to Profit" Training Pack and how to use it to transfer on selling knowledge and skill.
    • How to use your Sell to Profit Training Pack
    • The Manager as Instructor, Coach and Counsellor - overview
    • Contents of your Selling Skills Training Pack
    • A role play briefing pack
    • Role play Selling situations
    • Key Point Handouts for delegates
    • S.T.A.R.s Skill Training Activity Reports
    • G.A.P. - Staff Grading - Action - Progress Monitoring Cards
    • Methods of transferring skills, knowledge and experience of Salesmanship


The lead skill for any retailer today, be they a staff member or manager, is knowing how to sell their merchandise. Too many staff are unconfident shop assistants, and not sales assistants who make their presence felt in a way that will influence their customers to buy. This course, using the Sell to Profit video we have produced guarantees to provide your management and staff with the wherewithal to become competent sales people in a structured and realistic way. It will raise both skill competence and confidence levels to increase your stores sales and customer conversion rates.

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