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Customer Service Skills for Retail - A Foundation Course for Salesmanship

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31. Customer Service Skills for Retail - A Foundation Course for Salesmanship ( 1 day )


Area Managers, Shop Managers, Assistant Managers, Department Managers, and Supervisors with accountability for both Selling and Customer Service Training within their Shop Environments.


  • To equip delegates with the foundation skills necessary to become effective sales people.
  • To ensure an understanding is gained as to what Customer Service is and is not, and of the actions to take to promote your store image and reputation for service excellence.
  • To build delegates confidence in communicating effectively and in a timely manner with their customers by honing up their Watching, Questioning and Active Listening skills.
  • To ensure delegates have the skill and ability to handle unhappy, complaining customers to create a "win win" situation.
  • To provide a set of detailed, attitude and behaviour benchmarks with which to measure the Quantitative and Qualitative progress that is being made towards the ultimate service and Selling competence standard laid down by your organisation.


This programme is almost entirely participative through the use of syndicates, practical exercises and role plays with customers, sales assistants and observers in role play situations on a shop floor. It is ideally split 50% within a training room environment and 50% on the shop floor.


  • Definitions and background to Service
  • Why gaining a reputation for offering good Customer Service is so important to your shop and its Goodwill reputation
  • Male and female customer characteristics and why goods are bought
  • Why customers use a particular shop as their first or second choice rather than third choice, and why this is now so important
  • Attitudes, Behaviours and Habits to avoid that upset customers
  • How to win customers and influence them to buy
  • The communication skills of Salesmanship
  • Non-verbal communication:-
    • a) reading receptive and closed Body Language
    • b) interpreting and reacting to Vocal Style
  • Effective Questioning and Listening skills and behaviours
  • Tactics and solutions for handling unhappy complaining customers
  • Video case study using "Counter Violence"
  • The telephone's role in customer service
  • "Good internal customer service breeds good external customer service" - how do you achieve this?
  • Customer service and Selling skills competency grids to measure your own and store teams service, behaviour and standards.


Delegates will have:-

  • Gained the essential understanding of what Customer Service is about
  • Honed up the interpersonal skills of Questioning, Watching, Listening and handling unhappy complaining customers
  • A Quantitative and Qualitative process framework with which to measure both individual and store teams competence standards with regard to Selling and customer service.

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