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Career Development, Counselling and Outplacement Skills

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30. Career Development, Counselling and Outplacement Skills ( 2 days )


Personnel professionals and line managers who are, or will be involved in a redundancy or downsizing exercise and who wish to avoid the expense of professional Outplacement services by using a more personal touch. Managerial, professional and technical executives who are, or are about to be made redundant.


A merger, acquisition, centralisation (or decentralisation), economic cutbacks, change of management style or technology - all these can lead to a company having to face the unpleasant task of coping with the release of individuals or groups. This programme provides a framework and skill base necessary to internally carry out a professional Outplacement service. It allows participants to channel redundant individuals away from a negative reaction towards a positive approach to job hunting.


Each delegate will be provided with a workbook which will include a wealth of examples, case studies, reference information and practical self help documents. A fully participative programme will be used to help create personal examples of CVs, skills inventories, interview techniques and questions to be used later in a real life situation.


  • Introduction and recognition of the redundancy position.
  • The effect of a career termination or change - reaction and recovery programme.
  • Self analysis, skills inventory and personnel career review.
  • Realistic career objectives - self employment?
  • The CV - objectives, principles, content and layout.
  • CV styles and writing.
  • Control documentation for self marketing.
  • How to approach the job market - four way strategy and action programme.
  • Advertised vacancies, how to find and apply to them.
  • The unadvertised job market - sources of research and where to find them.
  • Networking and publications to use.
  • Search, selection consultants, employment agencies.
  • Speculative company approaches: use of contacts, how to select and how to approach them. Letter types and telephone styles.
  • How people are selected for jobs; aims, objectives and methods of interviewing.
  • Job specification, person specifications, company profiles, application forms, search and selection assignment briefs.
  • How to plan and prepare for the interview.
  • Techniques to make the interview work for you - practice.
  • Presentation, listening, questioning, watching skills.
  • 200 difficult questions and answers to give and avoid at interviews.
  • Counselling as a career development tool.
  • How to revisit, refine, review, refocus on job objectives, personal marketing campaign and interview skills.


Participants will by the end of this course know how to or help another:-

  • Have a first draft Career plan and skills inventory.
  • Know how to and have produced a first draft Curriculum Vitae.
  • Formulated a personal marketing campaign.
  • Detailed a draft job search strategy and action programme.
  • Have an information pack on who, where, when to get information to help in their job search.
  • Had a rehearsal for at least one job interview.
  • Been advised on how to present themselves
  • Learned how to handle awkward interview questions and situations.
  • Ultimately gained interpersonal skills and know how to improve their chance of success in getting another job.
  • Be able to internally provide an Outplacement service.
  • Had confidence restored and have an objective to aim for.

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