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How to Win the Sale - for Company Sales People

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28. How to Win the Sale - for Company Sales People ( 2-3 days )


New or existing sales personnel who wish either to learn, confirm or upskill their selling and interpersonal techniques.


To improve delegates' abilities to sell both on a short and long term basis by:-

  • Managing their visit and travel time productively.
  • Increasing the sales conversion rate of visits made and establishing a solid relationship with customers.
  • Improving sales presentation content, relevance and closing techniques.
  • Exploring and learning the selling and Negotiation process.
  • Cross-fertilising good sales practice between course participants.
  • Heightening awareness of the need to refine interpersonal skills of questioning, watching, listening, consultation in face to face, presentation and exhibition forums.


The programme is designed to build on existing knowledge and skills. It contains case studies, discussion groups, role plays and analysis activities. Participants will be equipped with a reference booklet covering key learning point summaries of the course.


  • Identifying:-
    • Your company and its reputation.
    • Your best selling products.
    • Know thyself, know thy enemy (competition)
    • The most profitable, rapid turnover products
  • Where to start:-
    • Utilising existing databases and customer records.
    • Building, maintaining and using a database (manual or computer).
    • Visit planning.
    • Mailshot use, purpose and systems.
    • Innovative contact methods including the internet and E mail.
    • New and existing client contacts by telephone, letter and face to face.
    • Knowing the 28% of your customers which produce 85% of your business.
NB: Field training of sales people through Observation, Discussion and Action planning while on a visiting schedule is an additional service to complement the contents of this course.
  • The classic sales cycle of - Approach, Needs Identification, Presenting Products, Negotiating Price, Add-on Selling, Selling up, Handling Objections and Closing the Sale.
  • Getting alongside your customer.
  • Establishing a relationship of trust.
  • Prospecting to identify present and future needs. (A common failure)
  • Selling your products, their feature, benefits and track record.
  • Using brochures and marketing support techniques.
  • Eight key Negotiating skills and techniques including how to take off and identify your customers variables for Negotiation.
  • Twenty two ways to close the sale.
  • Anticipating handling an objection.
  • Post Call Analysis recording and follow up.
  • Increasing personal impact by practising interpersonal skills of salesmanship: Questioning, Active
  • Listening, Watching, Consulting, Use of Persuasion, Empathy, Self-disclosure, Reverse Empathy,
  • Moral Authority and Assertiveness.


"You sell when the seller's need to sell is greater than the buyer's need to buy from you." The programme covers each of the above techniques and skills in a way that will make them immediately accessible and memorable to sales people in their everyday work. The course presenter has been working in selling and sales management for 19 years, and has completed related consultancy assignments for over 40 organisations. He has coached British Gas salesman throughout Scotland on selling and Negotiating techniques for gas? and made an 82 minute video interactive video on selling skills for a major multiple retailer.

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