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Improvement Seeking, Problem Solving and Decision Taking Techniques

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27. Improvement Seeking, Problem Solving and Decision Taking Techniques ( 2 Days )


All staff and managers who require to develop a more proactive, improvement seeking, problem solving and decision taking technique, both as individuals and as members of a team.


The aim of all organisations is one of continuous improvement. They can only succeed in this by involving and empowering management and staff at all levels to participate in the decision making frameworks that exist.
Tragically, in most organisations the majority of employees (who generally know more about the job than anyone else) are not involved in any proactive improvement seeking or decision making activity concerned with it.
The purpose of this course is to encourage managers and staff to develop a more proactive consultative team approach to problem solving and decision making, especially over the decisions that impact on both the individual and their job.


The course throughout is based on true to life case studies and practical decision making examples. Delegates are encouraged to bring examples of improvement seeking or problem solving activities in which they are currently involved for analysis.


  • Why improvement decisions need to be made.
  • Size and scope of project activities.
  • Setting objective criteria and review milestones for project success.
  • Identifying potential causes and root causes.
  • Identifying positive causes for solution options.
  • Testing potential causes solutions to consider.
  • Gathering and evaluating quantitative data.
  • Deciding on solutions.
  • Cost to Cost Benefit analysis (quantitative and qualitative).
  • Solution implementation frameworks.
  • A framework for group decision making.
  • Problem solving tools including:
    • Pattern Diagrams
    • Brainstorming
    • Use of Criteria
    • Weighted matrices
    • Paired Comparisons
    • Activity Sampling
    • Critical Path Analysis
    • Cause and Effect Analysis
    • Process Cause and Effect analysis
    • Implementation planning charts.


To allow participants to capitalise on and harness the under-used people potential existing within their teams in organisations.
To equip participants with up-to-date viable, tried and tested tools used to improvement seek, problem solve and take more effective decisions.

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