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Time Management and Its Planning

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24. Time Management and Its Planning (2 days)


All those managers and specialists facing demands on their time, one of the premium and finite resources they control, who wish to improve their effectiveness and its use.


To help participants:-

  • Recognise the importance of planning and managing their resources, including their time by being aware of their main job goals and activities.
  • Define strategies how to overcome the main areas of time resource and other resource waste.
  • Identify changes to make in the way the team operates, is managed and is led.
  • Return to their job roles with an action plan to organise their activities, priorities and resources better in a way that will increase job effectiveness and happiness level while reducing stress.


The course is designed for maximum participation through self-analysis, group discussion in small and large groups, case study work and discussion of individual problem areas within syndicate groups. NB Some internal consultancy is advised to ensure the course content is 100% relevant. The issues that will be covered include improving time and resource usage in the following areas:-

  • "Know thyself know thy job"
  • Questionnaire to identify and grade yourself on how well you use your time
  • What is your time worth?
  • Common time stealers and wasters; own and others.
  • What are the penalties for the misuse of time (Cost of Quality)
  • Being achievement focused and orientated
  • Boss, system, staff, family and self time impositions.
  • Time budgeting and priority identification.
  • Visual planners for proactive rather than reactive planning.
  • Planning control and review processes.
  • Diary and bring forward systems.
  • Use of Personal Computer and its benefits.
  • An introduction to delegation principles and techniques (who has got the monkey!)
  • Hints to keep paperwork short, brief and succinct.
  • Managing work activities: daily, weekly and monthly priorities, planning and control processes, utilising travelling time effectively.
  • Managing your role is the centre of many Customer Supplier Source Chains
  • Managing communication time: meetings and their purpose, rapid reading techniques, writing letters and reports, telephone and personal interruptions, active listening techniques.
  • Managing relationships: internal external customers, suppliers, the boss, the team, individuals, other departments' key interfaces, the secretary.
  • Creating win-win situations.
  • Managing stress and your organisational culture.
  • Managing other peoples time.
  • Managing thinking and resource improvement time: individual and team creativity, proactive improvement seeking and problem solving.
  • Swiss cheese approaches to project management.
  • Managing learning and self-training time.
  • Managing short and long term business and personal goals: objectives, planning, organising, briefing, directing, controlling, monitoring and evaluating.
  • Identifying key result areas and objectives for business.
  • Identifying personal and family goals.
  • Defining business goals, budgets and agreeing targets with others.
  • Making the time for effective working and stress avoidance.


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