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Key Result Areas, Performance Standards and Target Setting

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21. Key Result Areas, Performance Standards and Target Setting (1 Day)


Director and Human Resource specialists charged with organisation structure and development who wish to use an internationally recognised method to identify, verify and parameter the Output requirements of functions, departments and individuals in their organisation thus more closely aligning their activities to the objectives of the business while providing a basis for effective Performance Appraisal and Planning.


By the end of the workshop participants will:-

  • Be provided with a method for defining the results they and their team are responsible for achieving.
  • Know how to describe and specify their job using the idea of Unit, Specific and Common Management Key Result Areas.
  • Have produced technically sound Key Result Areas and have produced a first draft of their own Specific and Unit Key Result Areas.
  • Identify and understand how their job and others link to the Customer Supplier Service Chain.
  • Know how to set and agree performance targets based on their Key Result Areas for themselves and their team.
  • Be able to explain the rationale and key concepts of Performance Management.


Some pre-course preparation will be necessary in terms of drafting Key Result Areas. Each delegate will be provided with a workbook containing guidelines, KRA examples and reference material. Discussion groups will be used to pool and confirm best practice.


  • Introduction to Key Result Areas and Performance Management.
  • Definition and principles of Key Result Areas.
  • Unit, Specific and Common Key Result Areas.
  • Rules to define Key Result Areas.
  • Problems encountered in writing Key Result Areas to clarify roles.
  • Meshing of Key Result Areas within team and between functions.
  • Overlap and underlap of activities.
  • Implications for an organisations management structure.
  • Key Result Area measurement setting objectives.
  • Job effectiveness profiles.
  • The Customer Service Supplier Chain and Key Result Areas.
  • Key Result Areas and Performance Appraisal and Planning.
  • The benefits of the Key Result Area approach.
  • How Key Result Areas and competencies complement each other.


Expanding organisations often grow like topsy and so too do the number and nature of job positions. Without clearly parametered organisation, function, department and job roles, ineffectiveness, uncertainty, the "fog syndrome" and stress appear. These lead to inefficiency which erodes profit margins that today are getting increasingly difficult to achieve.
Most organisations parameter job and function roles in terms of tasks and responsibilities and not necessarily the end results which those tasks and responsibilities are designed to achieve; Key Result Areas define the "root purpose" of a job, and allow standards of performance and Qualitative and Quantitative targets to be bolted on to clearly focus, parameter and motivate individuals and teams to achieve goals they understand are theirs.
This workshop equips senior executives, personnel professionals and accountable line managers with the necessary skills and work methods to confidently begin to identify and align to business Objectives End Result performance activities of key functions, departments and individuals.

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