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How to Create and Use Your Own Advertising Copy

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20. How to Create and Use Your Own Advertising Copy (1 Day)


Senior line managers and personnel professionals accountable for advertising and management recruitment who wish to attract a relevant, quality and volume response to an executive vacancy in their organisation.


As a result of this course attendees will:-

  • Understand the essential rules of Copy writing.
  • Have practised an easy to use formula for writing an Advertisement.
  • Be aware of at least five types of advertising styles and layouts.
  • Know which periodicals, national, regional and local newspapers are available, their circulation, readership and socio-economic grouping attractions.
  • Identify other media and methods to attract candidates.


Each delegate will be provided with a comprehensive course booklet and reference aid. Some pre-course work including preparation of a sample job advert. will be requested.

Both group and individual case study and discussion groups will be used to pool best practice, and each participant will generate at least two example Advertisements for jobs for which they have advertised or are about to advertise.


  • Surface and underlying reasons for using Job Advertisements.
  • The main objective of a Job Advertisement.
  • How to ensure your Advert. attracts a relevant high quality and quantity response.
  • Where to place your Job Advert. and when for maximum effect.
  • Where and when to insert your Job Advert. within a publication and when are the times to avoid insertion.
  • Own name or post box - advantages and disadvantages.
  • How to prepare an Advertisement from first thoughts i.e. 'scraps and roughs'.
  • Ingredients and rules for writing a winning Advertisement.
  • Your chance to write a 'best seller'.
  • From draft to advertising copy.
  • Technical terms used in copy writing.
  • Critiques on each other's copy.
  • Costs of different Advertisements in different publications.
  • The cumulative cost of not getting your Advertisement right first time.
  • Using recruitment agencies and Search and Selection consultants.


An average middle manager's job Advertisement can cost as much as £3,500 for just one day's insertion. With the exception of Search and Selection specialists, most senior line managers and personnel people do not have the practice or volume of turnover of key people to allow them to become an expert in marketing their company or the job on offer (through the right medium) to the right person in sufficient numbers. Too often they are left with the 'least worst' or 'best of the bunch' compromise choice. Given the nature of many of the positions on offer, this is a high risk strategy.

This course teaches the tricks of the trade in copy writing to recruit, and uses real recruitment case study examples to teach participants how to become their own organisations Search and Selection consultant.

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