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Strategic Business and Marketing Review and Planning Workshop - for Profit- centered teams.

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2. Strategic Business and Marketing Review and Planning Workshop - for Profit-centered teams. 2 Days (1 Day followed by 1 Day)



Profit Centre top teams charged with reviewing their existing business and marketing strategy and confirming where elements should be changed, dropped, reprioritised or combined. Senior managers who could benefit from an understanding and participation in such a business review forum, and who have already participated in a Vision and Values workshop (or their Company has an established Vision and Values).


  • To extend from the foundation Vision and Values workshop the business planning understanding and disciplines necessary to improve and build on an organisation's existing review and planning process.
  • To ensure all participants are aware of the business variables and elements needed to be considered when building a strategic Business and Marketing plan, and how these should be evaluated and progressed.
  • To provide delegates with the confidence to create a Strategic Business plan of their own in which they may progress identified business planning priorities, and consult over them to establish actions by whom, by when.


The workshop is designed to allow participants to develop for themselves, with the use of a facilitator, their own Strategic and Marketing Business Action Plan within the parameters outlined by the facilitator, and approved by the participants. The workshop will involve both individual and group work, and some pre-course preparation by individual heads of function.


  • The Compass Vision 8-points Business Strategy Review.
  • Your organisation's Vision and Values.
  • Pre-course corporate SWOT Analysis on the key points.
  • Strategic Gap Analysis Evaluation, present v. future.


  • The importance and benefit of being market-oriented
  • How present and future environments affect planning e.g. international, national, political, economic, technological, regulatory, cultural, competitive and marketing.
  • How people's demographic, geographic and psychographic trends affect your business.
  • Comparing existing Corporate Business Strategies and Financial Resource limitations with SWOT and Gap Analysis future desires.


  • Functional and Department Strategies and Budgets.
  • Policies, procedures, processes and systems.
  • Products and services.
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy.
  • Existing Organisation Accountability Structures and their Function, Department and Staff's Key Result Areas.
  • Manpower Planning Strategies.
  • Training and Development Strategies.
  • Capital Expenditure.
  • Capital Equipment Potential.
  • Key Concepts for a Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Target Market and segmentation.
  • Product positioning.
  • Competitive strategy
  • Marketing mix variables e.g. product, policy, price, distribution, promotion.
  • Organisation Structure for Integrated Sales and Marketing.
  • Organisational Communication Interfaces for Integrated Marketing.


  • Growth opportunities (i) present a new product market diversification (ii) integrated strategies.
  • Product planning.
  • Product life cycles.
  • Product modification, identification and development decisions.
  • Product diversification screening chart.
  • Multi-branding and promotional tactics.
  • Building on the first SWOT and GAP analysis and the first draft strategic business plan.
  • Strategic Business Plan Priorities, time scales and resource planning
  • First Strategic Business and Marketing Planning draft for distillation and consultation purposes.
  • Who and where to consult prior to top team ratification


Delegates will feel far more confident and competent in producing the bones of a strategic Business and Marketing plan using the simple 8-theme planning model outlined in the course. They will also have gained awareness of the external and internal environmental factors which will condition what plans they might follow and the modifications of any existing or first consultative draft they have produced. By the end of the workshop, delegates will have generated sufficient substance to progress an Organisational Strategic Business and Marketing plan for themselves.


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