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Weighted Criteria and Episodic Memory Interviewing Techniques

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19. Weighted Criteria and Episodic Memory Interviewing Techniques (2 Days)


Managers at all levels, but specifically senior line and personnel managers who are responsible for recruiting, promoting and assessing middle managers, including those in specialist positions through to Director level.


  • To provide an accurate and more objective decision making framework to the 'gut feel' interview.
  • To equip attendees with a practical understanding of a Weighted Criteria based system for short-listing and selection comparisons.
  • To introduce attendees to a Weighted Competency grid system for Promotion and Performance Appraisal interview purposes.
  • To demonstrate how powerful the use of Episodic Memory questioning is in combination with Weighted Competency criteria benchmarking in assessing potential..
  • To demonstrate how inadequate, costly and dangerous the badly run interview can be.


This two day programme is designed to create an awareness, knowledge and skill base sufficient to allow participants to confidently identify and use weighted criteria, competencies and episodic memory questioning skills to recruit, select and assess employees, specifically front line managers and above. Some pre-course work in terms of defining elements of a job for a participant's own weighted competency grid will be required. Day 1 is theory and Day 2 is interview practising.


  • Criteria and competence defined.
  • Defining correct criteria for a particular job.
  • Use of job specifications, person profiles, department key result areas, performance measures and company culture yardsticks can help.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of competence criteria based systems.
  • How to weight and rate criteria.
  • Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.
  • Using episodic memory questioning techniques to determine past levels of knowledge, skill and experience.
  • Check questions and answers to use when evaluating and allocating rating marks.
  • Eight hours of practical interviewing practice.
  • How to use the system for recruitment, assessment, promotion and performance appraisal interviewing purposes.
  • An introduction to European and international executive selection grids.
  • Personality, behaviour and ability testing and how they fit with the above techniques.


The systems above will provide a thorough and achievable basis for quantitatively and qualitatively comparing the respective knowledge, skill and experience levels of candidates against an organisation's criteria for employing them. Delegates will learn powerful techniques for collecting maximum amounts of relevant data to use when measuring a job prospectors suitability within a limited time-span.

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