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Recruitment Interviewing, Assessment and Selection Skills for Executive Grade Management

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18. Recruitment Interviewing, Assessment and Selection Skills for Executive Grade Management (3 Days)


Personnel professionals and senior line managers who are involved in recruiting, assessing and selecting senior middle management and specialist technical and commercial positions.


Delegates will as a result of this seminar:-

  • Know how to prepare a Job Specification, Person Specification and Advertisement.
  • Learn a logical Interview framework and drill to conduct and control the interview situation.
  • Be able to prepare effectively for their part as interviewer in a Selection Interview.
  • Have practised and gained expertise using the key skills of Questioning and Listening.
  • Interpret correctly the non-verbal reactions of candidates through their Vocal Style and Body Language.
  • Recognise the effect of Attitudes, Assumptions and blind spots in their assessment of prospective employees.
  • Become aware of at least three assessment systems used by professional Search and Selection consultants.


The seminar is highly participative through the use of discussion syndicates, case studies, practical interviewing exercises and where appropriate close circuited TV. Some pre-course preparation will be required. Input will be made on the following subjects:-

  • The cost of poor Selection interviewing for you, your company and the candidate.
  • The purpose of an Assessment and Selection interview.
  • Internal and External Selection and Advertising methods.
  • Common problems associated with recruitment.
  • Job fill preparation - Job Evaluation.
  • Preparing Person Specifications, Job Competency Analysis, Company profile and culture descriptions.
  • Setting down and using Selection criteria.
  • Preparing a Job Advertisement.
  • How to use Search and Selection consultants effectively.
  • How to interpret Application forms.
  • Filtering and distilling applicants' CVs.
  • Telephone interviewing techniques.
  • How current legislation affects what you say and the way you approach a prospective candidate.
  • Four types of interview to use.
  • Interview plans and frameworks.
  • Interviewing as an investigative process.
  • The skills of Questioning, Active Listening and Summarising.
  • Reading common non-verbal responses to interview questions (vocal style and body language).
  • Testing attitude, behaviour, knowledge, skill and experience levels.
  • Episodic memory questioning as an effective filtering technique.
  • Weighted Criteria based interviewing.
  • Selling the job and your company.
  • Post-interview scoring and evaluation assessment systems.
  • Using Trial and Probation periods.
  • Using Fixed Term contracts.
  • Offers of Employment, Terms and Conditions, rejection and holding letters.
  • An introduction to Personality, Behaviour and Ability testing.


The knowledge of knowing how to attract, assess and pick the 'ideal person' and the knowledge, skill, experience and personality blend is imperative for the personal executive or line manager charged with building a winning stable and complementary team. The cost of a wrong decision, not just in repeat recruitment, money and time costs, but in team disruption, personal credibility and department or company morale can be enormous.
This seminar coaches on many of the practical actions and procedures which will allow delegates to competently and effectively make the right decisions on which person to recruit and why. The course will be ideal for senior executives who, by the nature of the jobs they have to fill at senior management level, only do so once or twice a year and who are 'rusty' in the techniques involved in selection.

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