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Front Line Management Development Programme

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17. Front Line Management Development Programme (10 x 1 Day modules)


Those front line leaders responsible for teams at the sharp and most difficult end of a business - the supervisor or team leader.
Newly promoted or front line leaders who would appreciate a refresher to refocus their energies on their job function.


To develop front line management to:-

  • Become more aware of their job role, duties and responsibilities as leaders within an organisational context.
  • Develop their personal authority as leader.
  • Become competent in the use of people influencing and motivation skills.
  • Become efficient and confident in planning, organising, directing, controlling, monitoring and evaluating the work they are targeted to achieve.
  • Be more effective communicators and team builders.
  • Become effective at recruiting, selecting, training, reviewing and where necessary disciplining staff.
  • Be aware of their obligations under the Personnel and Health and Safety legislation by which both they and their organisation are governed under law.


The programme is highly participative and uses team work exercises, case studies, film and instructive discussions. Extensive use is made of small group exercises and plenary reporting sessions to examine the key issues outlined both in the course and between course modules. Individual Personal Development Action Plans will be formulated at the end of each module. Pre-course consultancy to make the course directly relevant is seen as essential.

Course members will share in the establishment of the practical, common sense actions required in the following areas:-

  • The role of the front line manager as an organisational foundation stone.
  • The Leadership and Motivation role of a front line leader.
  • Gaining and using 5 types of leadership authority.
  • Handling and motivating poor performance in the team.
  • Approaching and dealing with difficult people situations at work - 12 self-generated case studies.
  • How to handle Discipline using your organisation's Disciplinary procedures.
  • Personnel and Health and Safety law for front line leaders.
  • Team briefing and Consultation, skills and processes.
  • Interpersonal influencing and communication skills.
  • Setting and communicating individual and team Targets.
  • The principles of Selection, Induction and Training.
  • Performance Appraisal and Planning interviewing.
  • The Front Line leader's role as Instructor, Coach and Counsellor.
  • Harnessing your team's creativity, expertise, experience and motivation in improving the department and their job roles.


The benefits to both the individual and their organisation of this course are:-

  • A step-by-step approach to learning so that no individual is over-loaded by what is learned during any one day.
  • Linked case studies and exercises between each day, which will be reviewed at the start of the next day of training.
  • Provision of a series of cornerstone leadership and management techniques which can be used and built on by the individual to mature their leadership style.
  • Greater self-awareness and confidence in what elements of leadership will make up their job role, and hence increase clarity of work direction.
  • Encouragement for participants to apply the management techniques to their own situations through production of both individual Personal Development Plans and Action plans after each day of training.
  • An understanding of the key part they play in the successful introduction of change within their organisation, and the need to support the organisation's decisions.
  • An opportunity to review each skill acquired in action, and cross-fertilise experiences in doing so at the beginning of each new module.

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