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Leadership Revisited

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16. Leadership Revisited (1 Day)


Managers at all levels in those organisations who have identified having a common leadership language and outlook as a central plank in their Organisational Management Culture development programme.


  • To facilitate the speaking of a common leadership language throughout the organisation by training in, and subsequent adoption of, Action Centred Leadership (ACL).


Leadership is not about what we are, but what we do. It is not just about achieving the Task, Building the Team and Developing the Individual, but the synergetic relationship between these activities.

Using the film "Twelve Oclock High", the one day seminar demonstrates clearly the two extremes of leadership, the people dominated leader and the task one, and enables those attending to identify and measure where they and their organisation are in this area in a culture sense, and what they require to do to reach an ideal culture and leadership style.

Participants can then establish, using the three circles on which Action Centred Leadership is based (TASK, TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL), the leadership actions necessary and do so in such a way that all will speak the same language in terms of its application and monitoring.


"There are no bad workers, only bad leaders" (other than 10-20% walking wounded). This has been clearly demonstrated in so many instances. Even those in so-called "leaderless groups" either have an informal leader or a formal one outside "the circle" who plays a major part in influencing the group's success. Where most organisations have failed in achieving the full potential of Action Centred Leadership is not in the acceptance of the principles of leadership, but through failure to ensure that a common approach is adopted. This one day seminar is intended to provide a basis for doing just that.

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