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Learning and Practising the Language of Leadership (ACL)

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14. Learning and Practising the Language of Leadership (ACL) (3 Days)


Managers who are responsible and accountable for achieving results through and with other people.


To enable not only the practical actions of a leader to be identified, but to establish a base for a common leadership language throughout an organisation's culture by:-

  • Examining what leaders need to do to become effective.
  • Using a simple practical and repeatable formula which, as a result can be applied at all management levels to establish a common company management style.
  • Establishing a common leadership culture in which change can be introduced, consulted over, accepted and as a result capitalised on quickly.
  • Addressing the key issues faced by leaders at all levels in terms of team building, people's aspirations, motivation and the management of their company culture.


The programme is almost entirely participative through use of teamwork and practical exercises, and is built on the Action Centred Leadership (ACL) model developed by Professor John Adair. The model stems from observation of the actions of effective leaders rather than on the qualities they are supposed to possess. There is overwhelming evidence that while a few people may be "born leaders" and need no instruction, the vast majority can improve their performance remarkably if they receive practical, down-to-earth instruction on what a leader must do to be effective.


  • Definitions of leadership and management in an organisational context.
  • Four approaches to leadership - Qualities and Skills, Situations, uses of 6 types of Authority and Action Centred Leadership.
  • Case studies to establish an Action Centred Leadership framework.
  • Six practical leadership exercises.
  • How to Delegate and Time manage when faced with a task.
  • An intensive leadership film case study based on real life experience.
  • Managing people's attitudes, beliefs and motivators.
  • Identifying the key factors which motivate people:-
    • a) home
    • b) self
    • c) job
    • d) organisation culture and climate
  • The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI).
  • Leader Behaviour Analysis and how it fits with your Action Centred Leadership role model.


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