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Senior Management Personal Effectiveness Development Programme

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13. Senior Management Personal Effectiveness Development Programme (3 Days)


  • Managers who have significant staff responsibilities or at least 3 years in a managerial position.
  • Managers who have had some management training in the past, but now wish to appreciate a more holistic approach to leadership.
  • Managers who are responsible for influencing others either internally or externally in their organisation.


By the end of the programme, those attending will:-

  • Be aware of their own preferred leadership and team role style, and have a better understanding of their effectiveness.
  • Be able to know how to identify the ability of their staff and select the most appropriate way to motivate them as individuals.
  • Have widened their range of leadership communication and influencing skills and be able to use these skills effectively to make things happen.
  • Know how to effectively set and agree targets at a Strategic, Tactical and Functional level, and how to control their implementation and progression.


The programme is based on improving diagnostic ability and developing skills. In order to maximise this approach, video, case studies, lecture discussions, group exercises and role plays will be utilised.

Delegates will be asked to complete three pre-course tests and questionnaires which will then be self-analysed on the course.


  • The context of a personnel and Human Resource development strategy within a business.
  • Eight cornerstones for an effective Human Resource strategy.
  • Leadership within an organisational context.
  • Leadership style analysis.
  • Leadership by being seen as a communicator within your organisation.
  • Lateral, downwards and upwards communication; their relationship and how to achieve success.
  • Team building, working and maintenance.
  • Team performance and productivity measurement and briefing.
  • Strategic, Tactical and Team Target Setting.
  • Using your team mix effectively.
  • Belbin team modelling.
  • How to achieve results with and through your people using Action Centred Leadership.
  • Motivation and recognition techniques for making staff feel good about themselves and their job.
  • Succession planning processes.
  • Staff Training and Development techniques.
  • Upskilling, cross-skilling and cross-motivation activities.
  • Pay and rewards strategies, including Profit Related Pay, Performance Related Pay, team and individual bonuses.


For most businesses to succeed, there are 3 basic requirements: Strategy, Finance, and People.

The strategy can be produced, finance can generally be found, but it is people and their acceptance of, and active participation in the strategy for change which is the challenge to achieve. This is more important nowadays than ever before because of the increasingly rapid pace of change with which organisations are faced.

The role of the middle management in rallying the troops is critical, as it is their leadership and influencing ability which will obtain the understanding, involvement and commitment of their team of Front Line leaders upon which they will depend for achieving their goals. This course is designed to lay out strategies and actions to do just this.

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