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Cascade Team Briefing - An Introductory Course for Team Leaders at All Levels

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12. Cascade Team Briefing - An Introductory Course for Team Leaders at All Levels (2 Days)


All Managers and Deputy Managers within an organisation that is committed to installing Team Briefing as a communication process, and who wish to equip the Management Team with the know-how and interpersonal skills to do so.


  • To provide a detailed overview of what Team Briefing is, the communication context in which it sits and the drills and processes that are used within its framework.
  • To provide the rationale and benefits to justify the introduction of such a communication system.
  • To ensure delegates are competent to participate in the launch of their own organisation's Team Briefing process.
  • To ratify the draft timetable and structure for Team Briefing within delegates' own organisation.
  • To issue and explore the paperwork and its use within a Team Briefing framework.
  • To enable delegates to have a chance to prepare and deliver their own dry run Team Briefing with a real Core and Local brief relevant to their own team.


This 2-day seminar is designed to ensure maximum delegate participation through the use of talks, real life anecdotal case studies, syndicate group work, individual tasks, skills practice and film case study.


  • Organisation's Senior Manager introduction of the course and its expected end result benefits for the organisation, manager and individual.
  • The basic principles of Team Briefing.
  • The history, background and track record of Team Briefing as an organisational communication process and leadership tool.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of existing internal communication media.
  • How Team Briefing will fit in with existing internal communication processes.
  • The benefits of Team Briefing for Team Leaders, their organisation and staff at all levels as an aid to co-ordination and planning.
  • A film case study on Team Briefing.
  • The 6 golden rules of Team Briefing.
  • The "Core" and "Local" brief principles.
  • The information sharing drill.
  • Consultation over your organisation's
    • a. Team Briefing timetable and structure.
    • b. paperwork and documentation.
    • c. your own briefing meeting structure and length.
    • d. use of Deputy briefers.
  • How to prepare your Team Brief
    • a. the Core brief
    • b. the Local brief
  • The '6 Ps' approach to identifying issues for Briefing.
  • Preparation of your own Local brief - the what, why, where, when, who and how approach.
  • The interpersonal skills for receiving and presenting the Brief.
  • Receiving a Brief in action.
  • Having your Local brief confirmed.
  • Presenting your own Brief.
  • Follow up to your own Team Briefing including unanswerable questions and feedback.
  • Monitoring and supporting the system.
  • The role of the Co-ordinator, walking the job and external Audit activity.
  • How Team Briefing is meshed and synchronised within existing communication media.
  • The system and its Benefits summarised.
  • Where to now ? - The launch.


The course will equip all participants with the knowledge and skills practice necessary to successfully "Kick start" their organisation's Team Briefing process launch. Delegates will leave the course aware of the part they will play and why. Also, how the system will benefit their organisation, themselves and their team in terms of their leadership role and their proactive forward planning ability. The course will be delivered by a leading Team Briefing coach who has helped and facilitated over 35 organisations in the installation of their own Team Briefing system.

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