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11. Cascade Team Briefing - A Briefing for Directors and Senior Management (1 Day)


Executives with accountability for improving internal Organisational Communication, Internal Marketing and performance awareness among staff, and who wish to use a tried and tested communication process used by thousands of organisations, the process being first pioneered by the Industrial Society.


  • To provide a detailed overview of what Team Briefing is, the communication context in which it sits and the drills and processes that are used within its framework.
  • To enable participants to determine whether they wish to pursue and use Team Briefing as a technique for disseminating the what, why, which, where, when, who and how of Company information to all parts of their workforce.
  • To outline and explore, in consultation with participants, an implementation strategy, including Manager training that will be effective and acceptable to the organisation.
  • To ensure the organisation's top team are fully conversant with the benefits, dangers and commitment that is required to ensure the process becomes an everyday part of their organisational communication processes.


The course is made up of outline talks, discussion groups, other companies' case studies and individual exercises designed to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas, concepts and an understanding of the practicalities of implementing and using such a system.


  • What are the basic principles of Team Briefing as a process?
  • The history, background and track records of Team Briefing as an organisational communication process.
  • Team Briefing in context with other organisational communication media.
  • Should Team Briefing be kept separate or integrated into existing meeting frameworks?
  • The positive effect Team Briefing has on management style, management planning and organisational culture.
  • Team briefing and the leaders' role in communicating with their teams.
  • Six golden rules for Team Briefing.
  • The Team Briefing process and how it is tailored to an organisation's existing communication and accountability structure.
  • How to implement Team Briefing in
    • a. small organisations
    • b. large single site organisations
    • c. large multi site organisations
  • The Information Drill to link meetings.
  • Co-ordinating a time table.
  • Making the "Core" and "Local" brief concept work for you.
  • Options to choose when preparing the Core brief.
  • The 'six Ps' approach for identifying key information subject areas from which to build your brief.
  • Team Briefing documentation and paperwork preparation and consultation.
  • How to ensure Team Briefing remains effective.
  • Monitoring other people's brief.
  • Walking the job.
  • An external Team Briefing monitoring audit.
  • An implementation structure to get the system started within your organisation, including the use of the Team Briefing co-ordinator or project team Steering Committee.


"He she who communicates is he she who leads!" - Never has this old adage been so true as in today's technologically driven and advanced world of communication media to which we are every day exposed. Team Briefing is the personal communication vehicle which will not just enhance a leader's leadership standing amongst their team, but will proactively provide essential information for them to plan how to deal with issues that affect them and their jobs before they happen. Team Briefing has benefited thousands of organisations over the last 25 years, and your Course Tutor has been involved in installing it in over 35 organisations.

Note: The Course Tutor has monitored the effect of Team Briefing in 33 organisations and has written reports on both the benefits and pitfalls of the system for many others. For organisations which already have Team Briefing, an external audit approach to ensure the system is still working effectively is often a very prudent way forward. It should be looked on as an MoT of the system in existence.

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