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An Internal Marketing and Communications Strategy

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10. An Internal Marketing and Communications Strategy (1 Day)


Those senior managers within an organisation accountable for Internal Marketing and Communication, and who identify the need for improving effectiveness in this area.


Communication is a hurdles race to ensure not only the message is sent, but that it is also received, understood, accepted and acted upon.

For communication to be successful, it depends on the level of trust the receiver has of the sender and their motives. The aim of this course is, by reviewing all forms of communication available within an organisation, to establish not only the most effective means, but how we can ensure all of them can be synergised to build, support and co-ordinate with one another to mesh into an effective internal communication strategy.


The methods used in this course facilitate the sharing of practical experiences of participants in this area, and to then use them to build the strategic integration action plan covering all useful methods of internal marketing and communication.


  • Vision and Values communication.
  • Team Briefing (Cascade Communication) principles.
  • The World Wide Web and its applications for business.
  • Electronic mail.
  • Use of video for communicating and training purposes.
  • Total Quality Management and its communication.
  • Project Team communication and review reporting.
  • Operational line and functional management meetings and their purpose.
  • Staff consultative forums.
  • Weekly company memos.
  • Company newsletters.
  • Company magazines.
  • Notice boards.
  • Memoranda and how they are used.
  • Other face to face communication systems.


Communication and the strategy for it may be viewed as a wheel with its different forms as individual spokes. Too often, however, no relationship is identified between the different methods with the result that not only do the spokes break, but with this happening it brings into question the trust and credibility of the communication strategy as a whole. Good communication media are essential in meeting the expectations of our staff today, and in creating a workforce that not only understand, but feels involved and committed to the business, how it has to change to prosper, and its Vision and Values.

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