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Boards of Directors, top teams and profit, service and product accountable teams within organisations who wish to create and make a statement on their unique purpose. This to include why they exist, management style description and operating culture and climate aspirations for the company stakeholders and staff within the business.


As a result of the workshop, teams will:-

  • Have generated their own unique Vision Mission statement defining their organisation's main purpose and goal.
  • Have created a set of operating values which identify the standards and behaviour characteristics that they wish people to aspire and adhere to.
  • Further expand, distil and clarify their desired value standards under various themes such as product, service, customer, employee, supplier, innovation values.
  • Make a comparison of their future aspirations against the current realities by analysing the opportunities open to them and hurdles to overcome in achieving them.
  • Begin to develop an action plan for change as a springboard for further top team activity.

The workshop is highly creative and participative through the use of an interactive, structured discussion process which lays the foundations for and guides in the formulation of a first draft Vision and Values.

The top team will be involved both as a whole and in sub groups during the creation process. Pre-course preparation work and reading is essential to ensure a productive use of tim e.

  • Vision and Values - the philosophy.
  • Top organisations Vision and Values case studies.
  • Example of Vision and Values based on defining management style and value systems.
  • The principles of excellence including change, market and success factors.
  • The key principles of quality to which successful organisations adhere.
  • Vision and Values defined.
  • Individual criteria for Vision statement generation.
  • Drafting your own Vision statement.
  • Identifying the underpinning values, themes and their contents.
  • Organisation SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).
  • How to use the SWOT Analysis constructively - Action, Progression, Allocation, Actively Recording, Communication.
  • First draft Vision and Values incubation and distillation period.
  • Follow up half day to refocus and mature Vision and Values statements.
  • Defining Vision and Values launch strategy for business stakeholders.
  • How to live up to the Vision and Values - providing a vehicle for change.
  • Summary and action session.


Confucius say 457 BC "Man without destination seldom arrives" organisations are no different. The majority of successful organisations have clearly defined purposes and scope of operations within which they operate. Too often organisations cease to exist due to ill defined adventurism through lack of understanding of their 'Core business' success and value systems. This workshop allows top teams to successfully document and communicate their organisation's aspirations and value standards, so providing the vehicle to continuously focus all management and employees on the Company behaviour patterns and actions which will be the hallmark of the organisation's continuing prosperity.

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