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Tailored Training Programmes

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  1. Vision and Values formulation
  2. Strategic Business and Marketing Review and Planning Workshop
  3. Personnel and Human Resource Development Strategy Workshop
  4. How to Conduct 6 types of Organisation, Management and Human Resource Development Audit
  5. TQM - A Briefing for Directors and Senior Management
  6. TQM - Steering Committee, Review and Planning Workshop
  7. TQM - The Principles
  8. TQM - The Personal Service Actions
  9. TQM - Project CAT Decision Making, Problem Solving and Meeting Skills for Team Leaders
  10. An Internal Marketing and Communications Strategy
  11. Team Briefing - A Briefing for Directors and Senior Management
  12. Team Briefing - An Introductory Course for Team Leaders
  13. Senior Management Personal Effectiveness Development Programme
  14. Learning and Practising the Language of Leadership
  15. Team Building Skills
  16. Leadership Revisited
  17. Front Line Leader Development Programme
  18. Recruitment Interviewing, Assessment and Selection Skills for Executive Grade Management
  19. Weighted Criteria and Episodic Memory Interviewing Techniques
  20. How to Create and Use Your Own Advertising Copy
  21. Key Result Areas, Performance Standards and Target Setting
  22. Performance Appraisal and Planning
  23. Delegation - An Individual and Organisational Key Skill
  24. Time Management and Its Planning
  25. Meeting Skills - Chairing and Participation
  26. The Manager as Instructor, Coach and Counsellor
  27. Improvement Seeking, Problem Solving and Decision Taking Techniques
  28. How to Win the Sale - for Company Sales People
  29. Negotiation Skills for Buyers and Sales People
  30. Career Development, Counselling and Outplacement Skills
  31. Customer Service Skills for Retailers
  32. Selling Skills and How to Transfer Them to Front Line Staff
  33. Selling Skills for Front Line Retail Staff
  34. Shop Theft and Loss Prevention for Retail Management and Company Security Staff
  35. Retail Visual Merchandising, Shop Display and Sales Promotion
  36. "Counter Violence" Video Based Training
  37. "Stop Violence" Video based Training
  38. Methods of Payment, their Point of Sale Acceptance and Security

If you require further details on any of the above courses, please telephone our Helpline on 0141-775-1482, and the information will be faxed or sent to you.

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