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Sell to Profit Video/DVD

“The Best Retail Selling Skills Video you have ever seen - Guaranteed!”*

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Filmed with the co-operation of 6 major Retail Groups:
House of Fraser, Richards Shops, River Island, New Look, J.D. Sport & Bankrupt Clothing. 38 professional Actors and Actresses used!

Selling from the rack Selling from shop display

“Sell To Profit” is a video based training pack which includes Video and Trainer’s manual. It has been created to transfer the best Selling techniques to retail store managers and staff. 80 minutes long, its 9 module format has been designed to be used by store managers to train over a 7 to 9 week period.

  • Your sales and profits.
  • The number and value of sales transactions.
  • Your sales conversion rate for customers.
  • The number of Add-On and Multiple sales per transaction.
  • Your staff morale and customer loyalty.


  • Achieving a very high minimum standard of Competence in Selling and Sales training throughout your company.
  • Training Sales Advisors in Selling Techniques that will get results and build their confidence.
  • Helping your Sales staff give the best help and advice to your customers, whilst increasing their job satisfaction.

In “Sell To Profit” learn the:

  • 7 “Golden Rules” of Salesmanship.
  • 7 stages of a “Seamless” sale.
  • 15 Visual and Verbal Handshakes to use to Greet Customers.
  • 11 Signals that tell you a customer is ready to be approached.
  • 10 Approach Question areas to use to uncover your customer’s Needs.
  • 4 Re-Approach questions to use.
  • 11 ways to gain perfect Product Knowledge and their use in Feature and Benefit selling.
  • 7 key actions to help you sell from Fitting Rooms.
  • 11 common customer Concerns and 6 ways to handle them to your advantage.
  • 15 Customer Signals to trigger a Close.
  • 15 winning techniques to Close the sale.
  • 5 situations when you can make Add-On sales.
  • 5 Stages in completing a customer’s sales experience.

The “Sell To Profit” trainer’s manual contains:-

  • The video training pack objectives.
  • Trainer’s notes.
  • Sell To Profit video dialogue.
  • Questions and Answers on the video content.
  • 9 Role Play training scenarios.
  • Skill Trianing Activity Reports.
  • Key Point Checklists for those being trained.

The 9 module Sell to Profit video based training pack is available for just £395 + VAT

1 pack £395 each
5 packs £300 each
10 packs £250 each
20 packs £225 each
30 packs £200 each
50 packs £175 each
100 packs £150 each
101 packs or more Please call.

All prices are subject to VAT.

*Money Back Guarantee This is the best Selling skills video that you have ever seen - Just show us a video that is a more effective sales training aid within 1 month of purchase and we will immediately refund your money!


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