Compass Vision

Video Production

Professionally scripted, filmed, directed and edited videos


We are broadcast quality corporate and commercial video producers with a highly experienced and creative team.
From concept to shooting script we can take your ideas and bring them alive.
With three full production crews and digital editing facilities spread throughout the UK to call upon, we can produce the most exciting, innovative and compelling productions to sell your products, ideas and services.

  1. We believe

    Video and other visual based technology provides the marketing and communication medium of the here and now. Compass Vision will be at the forefront in providing tailored affordable videos with a powerful message for both public and corporate consumption.

  2. We will

    Using our client's brief, produce professionally scripted, filmed, directed and edited, international broadcast quality digital videos, and closely consult clients every step of the way to ensure we are delivering exactly what is required "first time, every time."

  3. We know

    That video provides a unique competitive edge in selling and influencing would-be clients and purchasers to consult your organisation over their needs.

  4. We value

    Video as one of the most powerful media to transfer your training message across and effect a knowledge, skill and motivation transfer.

  5. We promise

    To tailor and style our videos in a way that will fit your corporate culture, and project the selling message that you wish to get across. To do so in an interesting, entertaining and compelling way while ensuring the necessary emotional and motivational drivers and calls to action are present to fulfil the purpose for which they were created.

  6. We will provide

    A team of credible, high achiever scriptwriters, directors, camera-, light- and sound technicians, editors and management consultants who have an excellent track record in their field, and ensure that you have the opportunity to approve them prior to full agreement on any contract or project.





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