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All directors, DP's and GM's who wish to understand the principles and benefits of Quality management as it applies to the motor trade.


•  To Learn What Total Quality Management And Continuous Improvement Is About.

•  To Ensure The Argument And The Benefits Of A Quality Approach To Business Are Fully Understood.

•  To Train Delegates In The Practical Actions Of Quality Management.

•  To Be Exposed To Key Quality Analyses And Problem Solving Techniques.

•  To Learn The Relationship Between Internal Quality And Service And External Quality.


•  What Is The Relationship Between Quality And Service?

•  Who Are Your Customers?

•  Internal And External Customer Service And Their Relationship To Each Other

•  What Are The Results Of Giving Poor Internal Customer Service For The Giver, The Receiver, The Giver's Department And The Dealership?

•  BBB & "The Behaviour Chain Reaction Phenomena"

•  The Relationship Between Quality, Stress, Poor Service And Motivation

•  Attitude, Behaviour And Habit

•  1000's Of 1% Improvements

•  The Various Approaches To Quality

•  ISO 9001/2000, EFQM, IIP, BQF Etc

•  Total Quality Management - Origin, Principles, Benefits, Processes, Practices

•  Quality Circles - Origin, Principles, Values, Examples, SWOT.

•  Organisation Wide Quality Improvement - The Principles & Benefits

•  Using Quality To Adding Value And Minimize Waste.

•  Characteristics Of Excellence Necessary To Fulfil Quality Improvement Requirements

•  Organisational And Management Barriers To Quality

•  SWOT Issues For You To Address To Become A Centre Of Excellence

•  Quality Quotes Which Give You The Inside Meaning

•  The Principles Of Continuous Improvement

•  The Customer Supplier Service Chain Concept

•  The Four Values Of Quality Improvement : Specifying The Requirements, Error Free Work, Measure By Cost Of Quality, Manage By Prevention

•  The Cost Of Quality : Error Costs, Detection Costs, Prevention Costs, Opportunity Cost Lost

•  The Relationships Between Error, Prevention And Detection Costs

•  The Role Of A Quality Improvement Steering Committee And The Facilitator's Role

•  The Benefits Of A Quality Led Approach

•  What Is A Customer Action Team (C.A.T.)?

•  Who Is Involved In C.A.T.S.?

•  Problems And Their Nature

•  An Introduction To Basic Problem Solving Techniques

•  Brainstorming, Pareto Analyses, Cause And Effect Analyses, Process C & E, Data Gathering, Criteria Based Decision Making, Force Field Analyses, Process Analyses, Critical Path Analyses, Implementation Plans

•  Manufacturer Quality Schemes And What They Are Designed To Achieve

•  Control Of Your Dealership Quality Standards Using Manufacturer Mystery Shopping, Customer Surveys, CSI - Bonus Criteria

Quality & Sales Departments

•  Standard Operating Procedures And Checklists

•  Salestrack Procedures, Sales Activity Management,

•  CSI, Mystery Shopping Results By Phone And 'In-Person'

•  Basic Sales Quality Check Disciplines For F & I, Handover Checklists Etc

•  Use And Standards Of Customer Data Capture-CRM Systems

•  DMS And Deal building Systems

•  Motor Trade Legislation And Its Relation To Quality Delivery

•  E.G. FSA Compliance, Sale Of Goods Act, Supply Of Goods And Services Act Credit Protection Acts Etc

•  Quality Dept - Quality Audits And What They Check E.G. VQM, BMA

•  Role Of Standard Operating Procedures In A Quality System

Quality & The Service Department

•  Quality Of Service V Quality Of Complaints

•  Right First Time Fixes And The Knock On Consequences Of Failure

•  Role Of Electronic Diagnostic Machinery

•  The Role Of The Master Technician As Trouble-shooter

•  The Role Of Workshop Controller As Work Productivity Manager Supply Chain Management Successes And Failures - JIT (Just In Time)

•  Effect Of Poor Customer Service Supplier Chains For Repairs/Warranty VOR Parts.

•  PDI's, Recon's 21 And 41 Point Service Checklists And Their Role In Quality

•  Manufacturer Warranty Recalls

•  How Service Work Is Sampled And Monitored - Double Sign Offs And Workshop Controller, Service Manager, Master Technician 'Spot Checks'

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