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All Senior Management and Dealership Management from Dealer Principles through to Sales, Service and Parts Managers, Supervisors and Senior Sale s. For those being groomed for leadership roles in Succession Planning.


•  To Create An Understanding Of The Principles Of Leadership To Enable Managers To Measure Their Current Behaviours Against What Is Regarded As Best World Wide Best Practice.

•  To Appreciate The Essential Actions Of A Leader And

•  To Develop The Ability To Recognise These Actions When They Are Happening And When The Situation Demands Them

•  To Increased Awareness Of What A Leader Must Do To Get Results Through Others.

•  To Give Participants Practice In Leading A Team And An Effective Formula In How To Do So When Given Any Project Or Goal To Achieve.

•  To Improve Awareness Of The Effect The Leader's Behaviour Has On The Group And Its Ability To Achieve A Task.

•  To Create An Understanding Of The Principles Of Motivation So That Managers Fully Understand How To Get The Best From Both Themselves, Their Team And Individuals Within It.

•  To Identify The Signs Of Motivated And De-Motivated Staff Both In And Individual And Organisational Context.

•  To Focus On Positve Actions To Take To Motivate Their Staff.



Working in a cross-skilling and creative climate, the workshop fosters an exchange of 'Best practice' ideas.

•  What Is The Job Of A Manager?

•  The Resources Of A Manager

•  Integrating The Hard And Soft Side Of Management

•  What Management Is?

•  Competence And Commitment In Context

•  The Performance Formula

•  Active Leadership Defined

•  The Evidence For Investing In Leadership Skills - At All Levels

•  Leadership Style & Creating A Common Leadership Language

•  What Managers Need To achieve Their Task

•  Common Approaches To Management

•  The Qualities & Skills Approach

•  What Makes An Effective Manager Or Leader?

•  Kirkpatrick & Locke - Leadership Traits

•  Mary Parker Follet And Her Research

•  Building The Self-Esteem Of Staff

•  Developing Authority And Influence

•  6 Types Of Authority You Can Exercise?

•  Leadership Of Learning

•  Situational Leadership

•  Principle Centred Leadership

•  The Competencies (Behaviours) Approach To Leadership

•  Principles Of Action Centred Leadership

•  4 Key Leadership Tasks To Demonstrate Leadership In Action

•  A Framework And Formula For Action Centred Leadership

•  Fayol's 14 Main Principals

•  Team Effectiveness When Completing Both Short And Long Term Tasks

•  Hierarchy Of Group Awareness

•  Continuum Of Leadership Behaviour

•  '12 O' Clock High' - An Excellent Action Centred Leadership Case Study

•  3 Syndicate Sessions To Come Up With Evidence Of Poor And Effective Action Centred Leadership

•  Styles Of Leadership Good And Bad Points

•  Team Development

•  Individual Development

•  G.E.'S 26 Principles Of Active Leadership And Culture Change

•  Strategic Leadership


•  Motive Or Motivation?

•  What Is Motivation

•  Motivation & Learning

•  The Mysteries Of Motivation

•  10 Commandments Of Motivation

•  The Motivation Vehicle

•  What Are The Signs Of Motivated Staff?

•  Recognising Demotivated People

•  Why Do People Become Demotivated?

•  What Are The Signs Of Demotivation Within Organisations?

•  Elton Mayo & The Hawthorne Effect

•  Frederick Winslow Taylor & Henri Fayol

•  Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy Of Needs"

•  Fredrick Hertzberg's 'Two Factor' Theory

•  Douglas Mcgregor's "Theory X And Theory Y"

•  What Are The Signs Of Motivation Within Organisations?

•  Mission , Vision And Values Planning

•  The Managers Role In Building/Maintaining Morale

•  Fundamental Techniques In Handling People

•  Cross Motivation & Motivating Individuals


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