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Managment Consultancy and Training

Diagnostic Analyses

The key to successful consultancy or training interventions is to first identify and diagnose the "Why bother?"

"What is wrong with what?" "What do you want to improve and why?" "Is it a Competence or Commitment issue?"

"Is it a sales, profit, performance, change, interpersonal, people, process, policy or technical issue or a combination of several?"

What skill and knowledge gaps actually exist?

Are we sure we will be addressing "Root Causes" and not just "Symptoms"?


Direction Planning

Consult over a direction strategy and step by step plan for the intervention.

Decide what value a consultancy or training intervention will give - quantitative and qualitative.

Agree what a successful outcome should look like.

Identify what might get in the way and how this could be overcome.

Do we need a 'Walk the Job' Management, Communication, Quality, Staff Attitude Survey or Audit?

If so do we want quantitative or qualitative reporting and in how much depth?

Do we need a Technical/Quality/Sales/Marketing/Production/Customer Service, HR Audit of Processes, Procedures and policies?

Should a company SWOT be done?

Brief drafts, first thoughts and rationale for client approval.

Develop the Strategy

Identify how the knowledge and skills identified should be delivered taking into account medium, specific organizational needs and operational requirements.

Should they be in bite size chunks, delivered with pre and post course work and assignments and testing?

Should the medium be E learning and testing, self learning, formal training courses etc?

Identify delivery phases and milestones for review purposes.

Agree measurement criteria and methodologies for intervention.

Destination Evaluation

Analyse the methodology and content of the consultancy or training intervention after phase 1.

Assess whether it achieved what it set out to do.

Review 'Fitness for purpose".

Modify the approach, content, delivery medium and style in the light of experience and ongoing delivery before phase 2.



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